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Our Mission

Our mission is to plant more trees and to protect, restore and increase tree canopy in Southwark, particularly, on the streets, estates and public areas of Bermondsey.

We do this by raising awareness and promoting the benefits of trees in the urban environment and creating a link between residents, workers, schools, businesses and Southwark Council.

We believe that more street trees will make our borough a healthier and more beautiful place to live

Did you know?

Bermondsey has some of the lowest tree canopy in Southwark and the highest levels of pollution. We can turn this around. Help us make the change by joining us.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is for a Bermondsey where every park and green space is linked to another by trees, hedges and plants whether it is along our streets, through our gardens, up walls or across roofs. Join us to make our vision a reality.

We Need Your Support Today!

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