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Why Trees?

  • Trees clean our air – an estimated one in 16 Londoners dies each year from exposure to pollution – tree-lined streets have 60% fewer exhaust fumes


  • Trees are carbon sinks – Southwark has declared a Climate Change Emergency and the intention to become carbon neutral by 2030 – a single mature tree can absorb around 22 kg of carbon per year

  • Trees cool us down – London is a heat island and can be 7 degrees hotter than unbuilt areas –trees produce water vapour and shade. The cooling effect of one mature tree is the same as 10 air-conditioning units running for 20 hours every day


  • Trees help prevent flooding – a tree captures water on its leaves slowing rainfall, not to mention absorbing up to 450 litres of water through its roots in a day

  • Trees provide homes and food for our wildlife – trees have an essential part to play in urban biodiversity – a single tree can support hundreds of different species – their flowers and berries provide forage for birds and insects, they are home to bats and small mammals and help create vital green corridors between gardens and parks


  • Trees are beautiful – In the 1920s and 30s, Ada Salter planted over 9,000 trees as part of her “beautification” programme. They define the character of the streets of Bermondsey but are near the end of their lives. The trees we plant today should be chosen for the Bermondsey of tomorrow.

  • Trees make us happy – Being around trees lowers stress and anxiety levels and increases mental wellbeing. Studies show we are most likely to spend time outside on streets and green spaces with trees and enjoy walking and exercising more.


  • Trees shield us from noise and unsightly views – trees and hedges planted strategically can block out as much as 50% of traffic noise and create a screen around ugly structures

  • Trees save us money!  - For every £1 spent on trees in the UK, we save £7 in healthcare, energy and environmental costs

Let's Make A Change

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