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Let's Make Room For Trees in Bermondsey

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

An all too common sight in recent years, this 130 year-old Black Poplar on Rotherhithe New Road had reached the end of its days and had to be felled.

Trees for Bermondsey is raising awareness and finding ways to replace the old, dying trees and to plant new ones. We believe that this will make Bermondsey a greener and healthier place to live.

Let’s make room for trees on Bermondsey’s streets and public spaces.

Many of the older trees we see on the streets of Bermondsey were planted by Ada Salter as part of her beautification programme in the 1920s and 30s. She planted over 9000 trees, including the famous Trees of Heaven to counteract the effects of pollution and to make Bermondsey a more pleasant place to live.

However, in recent years we have lost thousands of trees through old age, disease, neglect and encroaching development and some places never had trees to start with! Funding cuts have meant that old trees have not been replaced when they have been felled and new ones have not been planted in sufficient numbers.

It’s time to change this. You can get involved by letting us know where you would like to see more trees whether it is on the pavement near your home, in areas between buildings on your estate, in school grounds and anywhere else that would benefit.

Check out our page that lists the many reasons trees are important for Bermondsey.

Tell us where you want to plant trees by completing the form.

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