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Don't miss it!

Exciting fundraiser with Paul Wood of The Street Tree - Tuesday, 15th December 2020, 19h00

Ginkgo biloba or Maidenhair in the churchyard of St Mary Magdalen; one of the trees which feature in Paul Wood's new book "London Tree Walks"

We are excited to announce a fundraising event with Paul Wood, author of the acclaimed "London's Street Trees" which showed Londoners the remarkable variety of tree species found in every corner of our city. Paul's latest book "London Tree Walks" takes us on twelve different, fascinating routes through London including one entitled "Ada Salter and the Beautification of Bermondsey".

The Walk

Paul will take us on a virtual walk from The Borough to Rotherhithe where he'll introduce us to the extraordinary variety of trees to be found on the streets of Bermondsey, from the southern Catalpas at St George the Martyr via exotic strawberry trees on Melior Street and the canopy of London planes on Tower Bridge Road, to Ada Salter's famous Trees of Heaven and the lesser known Caucasian Wingnuts.

Some Special Guests

Along the way, Paul will meet one of National Park City's 100 voices, fruit tree mapper and forager, Divya Hariramani (Follow her on Instagram: @FruityWalks) who will tell us about some of her fruit-related discoveries.

Graham Taylor, historian and Ada Salter's biographer, will introduce us to the inspirational mayor who, with her Beautification Committee, was responsible for planting over 9,000 trees in the 1920s and transforming the lives of thousands of people in Bermondsey.

Paul's walk ends at Rotherhithe which plays an important role in Graham's latest book "The Mayflower in Britain"

The Proceeds

All proceeds from the event will be generously donated to Trees for Bermondsey so that we can continue and grow: raising awareness of the importance of our street trees and working with others to protect, replace and increase tree canopy.


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