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Happy Weeding Day!

Trees for Bermondsey and Galleywall Nature Garden members and volunteers meet in Shuttleworth Park to care for the memorial hedge

Newest member, 6 week-old, Aurelia, helping Trees for Bermondsey members Laura and Andy rake up weeds

So how has the hedge we planted in November 2019 and mulched in March 2020 fared during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Weeding and Litter-picking Event in Shuttleworth Park

After the driest Spring in history followed by several torrential rainstorms, we were worried what we would find, but our tough little native saplings have survived remarkably well. Some, which at first sight looked to have died, are shooting again from the bottom, others are positively thriving.

Revived by junior member, Alice’s delicious home-baked flapjacks, we soon made tracks with weeding around the base of the hedge. Luckily, rain during the night had made the ground soft and the weeds easier to pull out leaving the trees free to continue to grow without competition.

We are already excited about planting our next memorial hedges in November for Tree Charter Day (dates and locations to be announced) so watch this space and come and join us!

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