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Mad March Mulching Day in Shuttleworth Park!

This event was organised by Jane Steenstra from Galleywall nature reserve

Volunteers hard at work mulching saplings in Shuttleworth Park

Would you like to look after trees in your neighbourhood? Watch out for local tree planting and mulching events in Bermondsey. They are a great way to get to know your neighbours and to create a better environment for people and local wildlife.

Sunday Mulching Event in Shuttleworth Park

On a dull Sunday in the middle of March, Trees for Bermondsey and volunteers once again joined Jane Steenstra and other members of the Galleywall Nature Garden in Shuttleworth Park.

The 250 trees planted back in November 2019 needed their Spring mulch which would feed them and keep moisture in the soil around their roots, thus giving the trees a better chance of surviving the drier months to come.

We were delighted to see that nearly all the trees were thriving and still had the labels attached in November to remember loved ones in whose memory many of the trees were planted

With ever darkening skies, rapid inroads were made on the large pile of compost and the trees were mulched in double quick time. A delicious and well-earned vegetable soup awaited the hungry volunteers round the campfire at Galleywall Nature Garden with the first drops of rain only arriving as the last spoons and bowls were stowed away!

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